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    Vegan Cosmetic Product Manufacturing
  • Vega Cosmética
    Fabricación de Productos Cosméticos Veganos

Who we are

Vegacosmetica was born in 2001 as a supplier of ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

However, the management of this company, had allready 25 years within the chemical industry and of surfactants in particular for several applications.

During this period, through contacts with the producers of raw materials, manufactoring processes, of the same origin and characteristics of all of them he learned.

At the same time, with their clients, he learned formulations, the effects of the ingredients and the characteristics of the finished products, while it created a circle of confidence and learning within th world of cosmetics.

Finally, today, it gave a definitive step in its activities to produce the same products they allready knew but with a differentiation with respect to the other manufacturers.

It has the Halal Certificate, issued by the Instituto Islámico Español, for the manufacture of shower gels, shampoo and moisturizer creams, according to the established rules.

It has the V.LABEL Certificate issued by the Spanish Vegetarian Union, for the production of Vegan cosmetic products.

The production capacity is 6 million units per year at the factory that meets all the necessary requirements for the cosmetic industry.

What we do

We manufacture shower gel, shampoo and hydratant cream with studied formulations for the care of the skin in a natural way, not irritant or invasive for the environment


Ones of synthetic origin, essential for their effectivity and that during its production of fermentation or enzymatic processes not made.

Those of natural origin, all of them are derived from the coconut oil, of origin Malaysia, Indonesia and Phillipines.

This coconut oil, is splited into fatty acids and glycerin, is then made a fractional distillation to separate the different components according to their molecular weight, as an example: Lauric Acid or C12, Palmitic Acid or C14, Myristic Acid or C16, Stearic or C18 etc etc.

Followed by processes of hydrogenation, conversion into fatty alcohols, sulfatation etc to give rise to the final ingredients.

Form the collection to the end, everything is carried out within th strict rules of personal and environment.

Any employee ingredient has been tested in animals.

Vegacosmetica does not use dyes or parabens in their products.

The production centre hired by Vegacosmetica, complies with all required regulations for the manufacture of cosmetic products in terms of registration of health, hygiene and watertight processes where there is no place to lake or possible mixtures or other ingredients, also is certified for production ECOCERT,BIO, VEGAN etc


(Español) Pack Vegano

Sale! 30,00 25,00

Shower gel

10,00 IVA included


7,00 IVA included

Moisturing cream

8,00 IVA included


Vega Cosmetica

Sant Rafael, 48 2n 4a
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
Tel. +34 609 872 763

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